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A Chance Trough Sport

ACTS stands as a collaborative research involving three distinct departments within the Politecnico di Milano, namely those of Design, Architecture, and Engineering. The focal point of this research initiative revolves around enhancing the conditions of sporting activities within confined spaces. The project takes shape through hands-on, concrete experiments conducted as case studies in the Milanese area, specifically focusing on the following the prison of Milano-Bollate.

The design research group played a pivotal role in initiating a storytelling initiative aimed at comprehending and exploring the visual narrative surrounding sports engagement within the rehabilitative journey in prison. The primary objective was to craft a narrative content that could be collaboratively developed with our partners, including media entities and production collaborators. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a dynamic exchange process between incarcerated individuals and various stakeholders in the system, encompassing decision-makers and administrators. In terms of communication strategy, the design team also assumed responsibility for shaping the project’s identity. This encompassed the creation of a cohesive visual representation, the development of a website, and the oversight of external communication via social media platforms.

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