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Cycle Adamclisi

Multi-channel strategy for sustainable development of the territory through cycle tourism

In memory of Dorina Serbanescu


Tropaeum Traiani also called the monument of Adamclisi, comes from the Turkish word Adam Klisse, which means the Church of Adam, the church of Man. People have been convinced for years that it was a church. It is said that a Turkish pasha threw a cannon fire to see if the interior part was empty.

It turned out that the inner part had a solid core. The monument was found in this conditions by Grigore Tocilescu in 1882.
Tocilescu was the first to undertake the archaeological excavations in the area and to discover that was a war throphy, built by the roman emperor Trajan.


The municipality of Adamclisi is located in the Dobruja region, in a strategic point about 60 km from the sea and 20 km from the Danube river. It is a territory immersed in the peaceful rural life and steeped in spirituality, in fact there are numerous monasteries, some of which are very important at national level.
The territory is included in the European network of Natura 2000, a protected natural area with a great variety of flora and fauna.


The mayor of Adamclisi Dorina Serbanescu
The priest of Adamclisi Father Dorotei
Businessman of Adamclisi
Petre Lupu
Director of Adamclisi museum - Mariana Petrut