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17 May 2024
“Shaping AI Futures. Collective AI Towards a Solarpunk Tomorrow.”
After AI Symposium.

9-13 October 2023
“Human-AI System Co-creativity for Building Narrative Worlds”
IASDR 2023: Life-Changing Design.

24 June 2023
Solarpunk 2023: From Imagination to Action.
Part of the organisational team of the conference.

10-12 November 2022
“Metaverse as a speculative alter-reality of narrative worlds in an AI system.”
ZIPSCENE 2022 conference, Budapest.

5-6 May 2022
Human-AI system collaboration to enhance creativity. Interactive narratives applied to ML system to support the creative design process.
DesignOpen! 2022 conference.

14-15 September 2019
Audiovisual exhibition at Sao Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, Brazil.
“Neural Storytelling: artistic skills of the algorithm in the production of scripts”.
Besides the Screen conference – Graphic intelligences & Algorithmic fictions

11 September 2019
Audiovisual exhibition at Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil.
“Neural storytelling: artistic skills of the algorithm in the production of scripts”. In Besides the Screen conference –
Graphic intelligences & Algorithmic fictions.

11-12 May 2018
Paper presentation at Mediatizing Memory: History and its Mediatic Construction. University of Bucharest, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies (FJSC), and University Lumière Lyon 2. 


12 November 2022
Milano Digital Week 2022
“Design for AI&AI for Design”.
Curated by Anca Serbanescu and Martina Sciannamè.

2 June 2021
“Human-AI system collaboration. An overview of a narrative framework to generate a co-creation process between human and a conversational AI system.”
ARDIN Social – Association for Research in Digital Interactive Narratives


21 April 2021
Design Faculty, Politecnico di Milano.
“Design creative process and authorship”.
Master course: Progetto della comunicazione visiva.

10 February 2021
Design Faculty, Politecnico di Milano.
“Human-AI collaboration. How to improve the social relationship between humans and AI through narrative interaction.”
Master workshop.

16 April 2020
Design Faculty, Politecnico di Milano.
“Exploring AI consciousness. Currents of thoughts and dystopic representations.”
Master course: Progetto della comunicazione visiva.


A.A 2022/2023
Karime Nieto Delgado. “Playing in a Maze. A game studies analysis of intimate partner violence representation in games.”
Master’s degree in Communication Design. Politecnico di Milano.

A.A 2019/2020
Martina Carbonari. “Consumare l’Amazzonia. Un approccio ludico di design della comunicazione per una riflessione sulle conseguenze ambientali delle scelte alimentari.” Master’s degree in Communication Design. Politecnico di Milano.


5 February 2019
ADIM 2019
Academy for Design Innovation Management Conference 2019 – London, UK