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Rapture Game

This game encourages players to consider the current problem of Black Bloc riots. What are the true motivations behind their actions? Do you have to support or condemn them? The goal is not to pass judgment, but to spark debate.

The game's four players are identified as the characters' heroes, and they must pass many tests in order to save the town of Voidville, which has been overrun by monsters. They are unaware of their status as black bloc throughout the game, and only find out at the conclusion. We sought to keep a neutral tone of voice, providing facts without exposing our opinions, and ending with a question that encouraged reflection. The characters were dumped into an imaginary post-apocalyptic world in the future, where the "Soviab" authoritarian government had hidden the facts from public awareness.

The game takes place in Voidville, where the release of a radioactive liquid, which was disregarded by the government, has resulted in the birth of different monsters that our heroes must combat.

The game is a mystery tour. The next step is disclosed only when you complete the task. Each step includes the task's code as well as a distinctive clue. There are six stages in total, plus the initial one. The goal is to save the monsters and reveal the "true" final. Without the app, you cannot initiate and complete the task; without completing the mission, you cannot continue playing on the platform.

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